TV: Sensational movie finally to debut on TV

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020, 07:40:54 PM IST

Kollywood star Yash became known all over India after the super successful KGF Chapter 1, which showed the actor in an ultimate massy avatar.

KGF was a huge success all over India and turned out to be the most successful Kannada movie ever. A sequel to the movie is also in the works, with shooting already underway. Several Bollywood stars have been roped in the movie, in key roles.

However, KGF hasn’t once been telecast on Telugu small screens, to the disappointment of many fans. Now, according to several sources, the movie is all set to make its debut on Star Maa.

KGF will be telecast on Star Maa on this Sunday at 5:30 PM, for the first time in Telugu. Don’t miss the movie in case you haven’t already watched it, and in case you already have, still don’t!