Review : Mr. KK

Friday, July 19th, 2019, 02:51:43 PM IST

Whenever a Vikram film comes out, there is always a curiosity for the fans to see what he has done new this time around. With Mr. KK Vikram has changed his look and has come up with a thriller. The film has made its way to the theaters and let’s see if Vikram manages to entertain us or not.


KK(Vikram) is a high profile goon who gets caught by the cops and is admitted to a hospital. A dreaded gangster group is after him and they choose a doctor named Vasu(Abi Hassan) to free him out of the hospital so that they can kill him. Vasu has a small obligation and because of it, frees KK from the hospital. But things turn upside down as KK gets lethal and starts revolting against the bad guys. Rest of the story is as to how KK solves his personal issues and where does Akshar Haasan features in this setup.


The basic plot is simple. It is an internal war between several gangsters and in all this, Akshara Haasan and Abi Hassan get caught. The director starts with an interesting scene of Vikram getting admitted into a hospital. From there, things are not addressed properly as the plot is not made clear for the audience.

Why are the goons after KK and what is his back story is not at all established in the first half? How KK escapes and turns violent is only shown. One thinks that a big story is behind all this as the cops are also involved but the reason behind the case is very simple and boring. There is not much thrill as the director has failed to tap into the action part of the film.

Vikram has never looked this dull in any of his previous films and all this should be blamed on the director Rajesh as he does not elevate Vikram or his role one bit. Vikram is all style but his role has no scope. Young actors Akshara and Abi Hassan do their roles the best and they are the highlight of the film. The camerawork is superb and Gibran’s music score is amazing.

The story unfolds only in the second half and by then the audience loose interest in the film. One expects some great action sequences but all this is a miss in this film. Also, there are not many twists and as the plot gets unfolded in the starting of the second half itself, things become so much boring and predictable for the audience.

Plus Points

Vikram’s look
Akshara Haasan
Abi Hassan
Background score

Minus Points

Lack of twists
Dull action sequences
Boring First Half
Bad ending


Vikram has always done something special in all his previous films. He shined big time even though his films flopped. But that is not the case in Mr. KK as he sleepwalks through his role which is dull and boring. The routine plot, dull narration and lack of action sequences spoil the mood of the audience while watching the film. Vikram needs to think differently and come up with a film which will justify his star status and skills. For now, he has disappointed and needs to wait for another hit to make a comeback.


Rating: 2.5/5

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