What happened to Rajamouli?

Friday, October 23rd, 2020, 11:24:15 AM IST

There were huge expectations on the Ramaraju for Bheem teaser which was released yesterday, on the 119th birth anniversary of Komaram Bheem. NTR looked ferocious and spectacular, and the scenes were also fine.

However, the teaser failed to live up to expectations, and now, Rajamouli has become the center of attention for trolls and massive criticism. Netizens everywhere are pointing out that there’s not enough substance in the teaser, and that it fell flat.

Many others are saying that many of the visuals shown in the teaser look like they’ve been lifted straight out of National Geographic channel. A few others are questioning what happened to Rajamouli, as he was not able to deliver properly this time.

Owing to the lockdown, the team of RRR did not get much time to shoot for Ramaraju for Bheem teaser, because of which the teaser was not able to live up to expectations. Nevertheless, it is Rajamouli, and the man can weave magic ultimately. All we have to do is wait with patience and enjoy RRR when it releases in theaters, by trusting Rajamouli, like we always have.