Will Pawan Kalyan accept Amaravati farmers’ demand?

Saturday, September 12th, 2020, 02:00:29 PM IST

Before joining hands with BJP in Andhra Pradesh, Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan said he is making this move to help farmers in Amaravati region. Since then, he has been staging protests against the YCP government for trying to shift the capital from Amaravati.

Today, Amaravati farmers came up with a new demand.

“Pawan Kalyan said he would be by our side in the fight against three capitals proposal. He even promised to go on a long march. If Pawan Kalyan goes on a long march, it would pressurise the state and central governments. We demand him to live up to his promise and we will him join him if he calls for a long march,” Amaravati farmers say.

Well, given the Covid-19 situation, going on a long march is not possible now. But things might change once the effect of the pandemic is nullified.

Interestingly enough, BJP has been saying that it is okay with YCP government’s three capitals proposal which contradicts Pawan Kalyan’s stand. Now, it would be really interesting to see if Pawan Kalyan will accept the demand of Amaravati farmers and call for a long march in support of them.