Will Rajamouli ever direct this hero?

Thursday, February 27th, 2020, 01:13:55 PM IST

Star director S.S.Rajamouli has not faced failure even once in his entire career. All of his films have been successful at the box office, and many of them have become industry hits. Then there’s Baahubali, which does not need any special mention. Baahubali set all India records and made Rajamouli a pan-Indian director.

Rajamouli has directed many heroes in Tollywood, but there’s one combination that fans have been waiting for a long time. Mahesh Babu and Rajamouli combination is something that every Tollywood fan has dreamt about, but hasn’t seen yet. There were rumors that these two were going to make a movie in the past, but none of that materialized.

Sources now say that Mahesh is ready to wait for Rajamouli for a year or two. Sources also say that this is because Mahesh wants to expand his market, and it is possible only if he collaborates with Rajamouli.

However, one wonders if Rajamouli has the intention of working with Mahesh. Rajamouli said that he always wanted to work with Mahesh, but he never made any efforts in that regard.