3 capitals bill: TDP’s crazy request to YCP government

Saturday, August 1st, 2020, 02:57:48 PM IST

Telugu Desam Party is fuming at the YCP government for going ahead with its 3 capitals proposal. The yellow party leaders are saying that the state government cheated Amaravati farmers by shifting the capital to Vizag.

Today, TDP spokesperson, Bonda Uma said that the YCP should cancel the government and go to election again.

“YCP is acting like they own the state. They should cancel the government and go for election again. If they win the election, then they might go ahead with the three capitals proposal. But for now, they should refrain from shifting the capital,” he said. Well, this is a crazy request, given the fact that YCP still has 4 years left in its tenure. Cancelling the government is an impossible by any stretch of imagination.

On the other hand, the YCP government is saying that Vizag is more suitable to build a capital and it would be developed as the executive capital of Andhra Pradesh.

The state government’s decision to develop capitals in Vizag, and Kurnool had been drawing a very good response from both these regions.