Amaravati scam: Jagan’s big plan to irk CBN

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020, 04:11:15 PM IST

It is known that the high court of Andhra Pradesh asked SIT to pause the investigation on Amaravati land scam. This came as a jolt to Andhra Pradesh government.

In response, Jagan flew to Delhi to meet with Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, and a few other central government bigwigs.

Incidentally, Jagan spoke about Amaravati land scam issue with the central home minister Amit Shah. He explained the alleged inside trading and related financial frauds by the TDP government to Amit Shah.

Jagan has also asked Amit Shah to commission a CBI enquiry into the Amaravati scam.

Jagan feels that numerous TDP leaders are involved in Amaravati scam and if they are found guilty in Amaravati scam, it will cost TDP big time. This is the reason why he is asking the central government to commission a CBI enquiry into the case.

Jagan’s big plan on Amaravati issue might irk Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu, say political observers.