AP minors’ marriage: Girl at children’s home, boy with parents

Saturday, December 5th, 2020, 03:37:43 PM IST

The Andhra Pradesh Women and Child Welfare Department officials have sent to a children’s home in Kakinanda a teenage girl who had “married” a boy almost her age over a fortnight ago.

Likewise, the boy was handed over to his parents after they furnished a bond.

“They will keep the girl there for five days and then take a call on where to send her,” a police official who investigated the wedding told IANS. He said the girl was shifted to the care home after her counselling.

On November 17, the 17-year-olds had married in their classroom at a city government junior college, which was captured on video by the girl’s cousin.

The college management rusticated the trio from the college. Later, the students told the college principal that it was just a prank video.

Though the incident happened in November, it went viral only a couple of days ago on the social media and was even telecast by vernacular news channels in the southern state.

Police confirmed that the incident took place in East Godavari’s Rajamundry government junior college.