Balakrishna gives a strong warning to YCP

Saturday, March 6th, 2021, 07:34:33 PM IST

Telugu Desam Party firebrand Nandamuri Balakrishna gave a strong warning to YSRCP forces who have been targeting him following TDP’s debacle in his constituency Hindupur.

“I have so many works to do. I am an actor, a politician, and a philanthropist. I don’t like to take criticism on my work. If the ruling party people target me and make provocative comments I will not hold back. I will give them befitting replies,” he said.

Balakrishna added that YSRCP forces are intentionally slinging mud at him with no proper reason.

“I will turn proactive in TDP activities from now on. I will hold protests against the YCP government and show who I really am. They will see what I can do from now on. This is my warning to them. Don’t drag me into your crooked politics,” he commented.

Incidentally, TDP lost its ground in Balakrishna’s Hindupur constituency and the ruling party forces have been mocking Balakrishna ever since. He came up with a strong response today.