Bhatti: People should react before its too late

Sunday, October 20th, 2019, 01:39:06 AM IST

Congress Legislature party leader Bhatti Vikramarka slammed CM KCR for his ignorance towards the RTC Strike happening in the state. He stated that the people of Telangana should wake up against the dictator rule of KCR.

Speaking at a rally for the RTC workers, the Congress leader said, “It is time for people of the state to react against this immoral rule. If they didn’t, then the TRS Chief will easily wipe out the state’s finances like he has wiped out the jobs of 48,000 RTC workers.”

Bhatti also claimed that most of Telangana’s assets are already placed in the banks as collateral for the huge sums of money being borrowed by the state government. He called out to the people to save the future of the state by evicting KCR from his position.

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