Big news: ACB court rejects Atchannaidu’s bail petition

Friday, July 3rd, 2020, 05:58:41 PM IST

It is already known that Telugu Desam Party senior leader Atchannaidu was arrested by ACB officials a few days ago. His alleged involvement in ESI scam was cited as the reason behind his arrest.

Atchannaidu has been in remand ever since and he is being treated at a hospital for his medical condition. This made it difficult for ACB officials to interrogate him.

Incidentally, Atchannaidu filed a bail petition in ACB court, saying he is in bad health and needs medical attention. Even multiple TDP leaders including Chandrababu Naidu have been making a similar argument.

The latest news is that ACB court has rejected Atchannaidu’s bail petition a short while back and his remand has been extended.

ACB officials argued that Atchannaidu might influence the witnesses in ESI scam if he is let out and the court seems to have taken this to consideration.

Reportedly, Atchannaidu is involved in a Rs 950 crore ESI scam and a few other TDP bigwigs involved with it.