BJP: We don’t have any alliance with Janasena

Saturday, November 28th, 2020, 01:16:14 AM IST

Telangana BJP leaders Kishan Reddy and D Aravind made a couple of very interesting comments while speaking about Janasena-BJP alliance in the state.

“We don’t have any sort of political alliance with Janasena. Pawan Kalyan is just supporting us from outside,” Kishan Reddy said.

Another BJP dynamic leader Aravind said made similar comments.

“Who said BJP and Janasena are in alliance? Pawan Kalyan liked the political ideology of BJP and he himself is supporting us. Nobody asked for an alliance with him. He is willingly supporting us,” Aravind said.

Aravind further added that many leaders from other parties are joining BJP and Pawan Kalyan is just another leader who is openly supporting them.

We need to wait and see if Pawan Kalyan or other Janasena leaders will react to these comments.