Breaking: 2 fresh Coronavirus positive cases in AP

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020, 11:00:23 PM IST

As per latest reports, two fresh Coronavirus positive cases have been reported in Andhra Pradesh a short while ago.

Interestingly enough, both these cases were reported in Vijayawada constituency.

With this, the total number of Coronavirus positive cases in Andhra Pradesh has reached 10.

Meanwhile, no new cases have been reported in Telangana till now and that is an update to cherish.

In other news, the government of Andhra Pradesh is urging those trying to head back to their hometowns in the state not to travel in these hours of crisis. The government is coordinating with Telangana government regarding this and an official announcement will be made today or tomorrow.

A total of 562 Coronavirus cases have been reported in India till now.