Breaking: Case booked on Mahesh Kathi

Thursday, February 13th, 2020, 02:52:24 PM IST

Controversial critic, Kathi Mahesh, who shot to fame with his hard-hitting comments on actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan is back with some sensational comments on Lord Ram and Seetha.

During a private meeting, Kathi Mahesh made some derogatory comments on Lord Rama stating that Rama is a womanizer and was a cheater. In the same meeting, Mr.Kathi also said that Seetha would have been even safer if she was left with Ravana and opined that Ramayana is just a script in his perception.

Now, the latest update is that a case is booked on Kathi at Nampally police station under sections: 196/2020, u / s 506,507-IPC. Cyberbarabad police filed the complaint and are expected to start an investigation on it ASAP.