Bubonic Plague: Another deadly virus found in China, can kill you in 24 hours!

Monday, July 6th, 2020, 12:04:10 PM IST

The entire world is still dealing with Coronavirus, as the virus continues to spread wider, infecting more and more people on a daily basis. More than 1 Crore people have tested positive so far, and the numbers are only increasing.

Even as a solution for Coronavirus hasn’t been found yet, another deadly virus has been found in China. Bubonic Plague is caused by the fleas that reside on wild rodents, such as marmots.

Two brothers in Mongolia province of China, tested positive for Bubonic Plague, after which they were admitted into different hospitals for treatment.

These brothers had eaten Marmot meat a day earlier, from where they contracted the virus. A total of 149 people they came in contact with have been hospitalized as well.

If Bubonic Plague is not identified and treated on time, it can kill a person within 24 hours.