Chandrababu takes sensational decision regarding ‘Paritala’ family

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019, 01:18:04 PM IST

A while ago, it was said that Paritala Sunitha and her son Sriram will be leaving Telugu Desam Party after it faced a humiliating defeat in Andhra Pradesh elections.

The TDP high command decided to give just one MLA ticket to Paritala family in 2019 elections and that is said to be one of the reasons why they were willing to leave the party.

However, Chandrababu has come in at the right time to sort out the issue.

Apparently, Chandrababu has decided to give MLA tickets to both Sunitha and Sriram in the next elections. This should calm them down, at least for now.

Chandrababu is contemplating on the idea of assigning Rapthadu and Dharmavaram constituencies to Paritala family. A final decision in this regard is yet to be taken though.

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