Corona: Telangana listening to the central government?

Sunday, July 5th, 2020, 02:38:01 AM IST

The government of Telangana is not following the guidelines of the central government, says union minister Kishan Reddy, who hails from the state.

“The special committee that was commissioned by the central government to assess the situation in the state, made a few suggestions to Telangana government. But the state government did not follow these measures,” he said.

Kishan Reddy further added that Telangana is a ticking time bomb and no one knows when it will explode as the Coronavirus cases are on a rise.

“We should place our hopes on the government of Telangana as that would be a foolish move. We should stay more cautious and take care of ourselves,” he said.

Going by Kishan Reddy’s latest comments, it looks like the government of Telangana is not abiding by the guidelines that are being issued by the central government.

Incidentally, even the High court of Telangana had ordered the state government to ramp up the testing procedure.