Coronavirus: 1500 quarantine beds being made ready

Saturday, March 28th, 2020, 07:10:11 PM IST

With the increasing number of Coronavirus patients in the world and in the country, every state in India is making sure that it is well prepared for the worst in the upcoming days.

The state of Telangana is making 1500 quarantine beds ready in the Sports Village at Gachibowli stadium. These beds will span across 6 floors in the sports village.

Etela Rajendar, the Health Minister of Telangana has said that these beds will be ready in another 20 days. He has also requested the concerning authorities to make sure that the patients are provided with proper care and amenities. He has also asked the authorities to construct permanent washrooms if necessary, with proper water facilities.

A water tanker that can hold 10 lakh liters of water is also being constructed, which can support at least 3000 people. Although the health ministry said that these arrangements may not be necessary, Chief Minister KCR is getting them ready to be prepared in all respects.