Coronavirus: AP doing less tests than other states

Sunday, March 29th, 2020, 12:00:58 AM IST

As per latest reports, a total of around 330 people were tested for Coronavirus in Andhra Pradesh till date. This is a very small number compared to Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, where around 3000-3400 people have been tested.

Andhra Pradesh has reported 13 Coronavirus cases till date and that could be a result of the comparatively lesser number of tests conducted.

Telangana has reported 59 Coronavirus cases till now and 10 of them tested positive yesterday alone.

Also, India, as a whole, is conducting very few tests when compared to other countries.

In the list of people tested for Coronavirus per million, India is way below the likes of USA, South Korea and Italy. Per a million people, only 20 are being tested in India while the tally in USA stands at 960 and 6148 in South Korea.