Coronavirus: Fatality rate dips as recovery rate increases

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020, 02:05:26 PM IST

The number of Coronavirus cases in India is only increasing by the day, with more and more people testing positive on a daily basis. India recorded the highest number of cases in the world on Sunday. The situation is becoming grimmer, with every passing day.

On the brighter side, the rate of recovery has greatly been improving, and the fatality rate has also greatly decreased.

The recovery rate has gone up to 66.3%, and the fatality rate has dipped to 2.1%. A total of 12,30,509 people have recovered, while there are 5,86,298 active cases of coronavirus infection in the country presently.

Even as this is uplifting, the virus is still very much at large, and it is our responsibility to make sure that we and the ones around are always safe.