Coronavirus: India reaches all time high with testing

Friday, August 14th, 2020, 12:01:42 PM IST

India is currently in the third position on the list of the worst hit countries, with respect to Coronavirus. The top 2 places are occupied by USA and Brazil.

In an attempt to identify all those who have been infected by the virus, India has ramped up the testing in the country by a very high rate. In the last 24 hours, India has tested over 8.3 Lakh samples.

This is the highest number of samples that India has tested so far, in a single day. The number of positive cases that were registered in the last 24 hours are 66,999, taking the total number of cases beyond the mark of 17 Lakhs.

The number of cases are only increasing by the day in India, with more and more people testing positive. We should all be careful and take all the necessary precautions when we go out, so that we don’t get infected, and so that the people around us are safe too.