Coronavirus: Is India testing enough?

Friday, May 22nd, 2020, 07:00:40 PM IST

India conducted its first Coronavirus test on January 24 in Pune’s virology lab. India then went into a total lockdown on March 25th, owing to the widespread outbreak of Coronavirus in the country.

India has now crossed the mark of 1 Lakh cases, and the numbers continue to increase on a daily basis at an alarming rate.

Many people have expressed concerns over whether India is conducting enough tests to identify all those infected. According to the latest reports, India has been conducting more than 1 Lakh test on any given day. This testing is spread across 555 labs in 34 States/UTs.

The ICMR has managed to conduct over 25 Lakh tests in the country so far and is continuing to do so in every state.