Coronavirus Lockdown: Domestic airways in a dilemma again

Friday, May 22nd, 2020, 02:50:34 PM IST

When the nationwide lockdown was first announced from March 25th, everything in the country had shut down its services, including air transport.

With all domestic and international travelers coming to a halt, everyone who left their homes got stuck in other places. The government arranged special flights for those who were stranded, but many more remain in other states and countries.

While international flights might take some more time to start running again, the domestic flights are supposed to be working from Monday.

However, the Tamil Nadu Government has now requested not to do so in the state till May 31st, in light of the increasing number of Coronavirus cases.

It is now to be seen what the government will do. The government night either postpone the entire thing or might start domestic flights to everywhere but Tamil Nadu.