Coronavirus Lockdown: Malls to reopen soon in Hyderabad?

Saturday, May 30th, 2020, 02:11:29 AM IST

Lockdown restrictions are being eased all over India, with most of the business going back into action. However, mass gathering of public is being avoided by the government at all costs.

As a result, movie theaters, educational institutions and shopping complexes haven’t been given the permission to open. A few state governments gave the permission to open shopping complexes after May 31st, like in Lucknow.

Now, the Shopping Centers Association of India (SCAI) has appealed to the government of Telangana to give permissions to reopen shopping malls in the state. They further said that this would help boost the economy, which has been slumping ever since the nationwide lockdown imposed since March 25th.

Railways and domestic airways have also been given permission to start running once again, so the shopping malls might be given permission to reopen very soon.