Coronavirus: Most deadly type of the virus found in Telangana

Thursday, June 4th, 2020, 06:15:44 PM IST

Scientists have previously already said that there are different types of Coronavirus variants spread across the world. The virus then mutates differently in different countries, depending upon the genetic material of the hosts.

In India too, the virus has mutated according our genetic material. Scientists say that this is responsible for the higher death toll in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi.

This more virulent and deadly type of the virus started to spread in India from February 2020, and 41% of the people who have been infected so far contain this virus.

After a study has been conducted on this virus, scientists have said that this type of virus has been found in abundance in the states of Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Delhi, and was found in lower concentrations in Bihar, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh.