Coronavirus: Reason behind Hyderabad’s increasing cases

Sunday, July 5th, 2020, 01:11:59 AM IST

Hyderabad is currently in a very tight situation, with a rapid increase in the number of Coronavirus on a daily basis. Hyderabad is contributing to more 90% of Telangana’s total cases, which is very worrisome.

While improper testing is one reason, there are also other reasons behind the way the number of Coronavirus cases are increasing.

The city of Hyderabad has been given relaxations as part of the unlocking of India, in order to boost the country’s economy. However, the people of Telangana seem to have taken these relaxations a bit too far, which seems to be why the virus is spreading so fast.

All of Hyderabad’s residents are roaming about like there is no virus, and that things have gotten back to the way they were. Very few people are following any sort of precautions, while a majority of the population doesn’t seem to care.

There’s no proper social distancing either, with crowds and clusters of people gathering just anywhere. Under such kind of circumstances, it is hard to be safe, which is why the cases are increasing the way they are.

More than the government’s role, it is the role of the people that is most important during this pandemic. Only we can save ourselves from this pandemic, no one else can.