Coronavirus to end by February 2021?

Tuesday, August 11th, 2020, 06:37:07 PM IST

There is no saying that the Coronavirus pandemic will come to an end anytime soon. Once a pandemic kicks in and spreads throughout the world, there’s no stopping it from existing or spreading anymore.

However, there are ways that this could come to an end. Experts believe that there are 3 ways in which this pandemic could come to an end. First, the medical ending, when the disease stops spreading. Second, the social ending, when people overcome their anxieties and move on. Third, political ending, when the government decides that as far as it is concerned, the pandemic is over.

Then of course, there’s the medical ending, which comes about when a vaccine is ready to be given to the public, which will put an end to the pandemic on a whole. This vaccine is expected to be ready by and distributed to millions of people by February 2021.