Coronavirus: Total 44 cases in Telangana

Thursday, March 26th, 2020, 06:00:43 PM IST

Coronavirus is currently terrorizing the entire world, by rapidly spreading, and with a great death toll. Although it started out quite slowly in India, the number of cases is increasing with each passing day, with the count at 680 total cases.

According to a recent statement released by the government of Telangana, the total number of cases in the state has gone up to 44, with 3 new people testing positive today.

A wife and husband, who are both doctors and are residents of Domalguda have tested positive, and have been admitted to the nearest hospital. They are said to be in a stable condition. Neither the husband nor the wife has any travel history.

Another man from Qutubullapur, Medchal district has tested positive, and he has recently traveled to Delhi and back. He too has been admitted to the nearest hospital and is stable.