Coronavirus Vaccine: Will we ever get one?

Friday, May 22nd, 2020, 03:50:09 PM IST

Countries all around the world are busy developing a vaccine that could cure Coronavirus and make the world once again safe for humans.

More than 100 vaccines are currently under development, and all of them are in various stages. Some have completed animal testing and some have entered human testing.

The vaccine that was being developed by Oxford University showed promising results initially but failed to continue to do the same when it was tested on monkeys again.

On the other hand, the vaccine that is being developed by Moderna in the US has shown impressive results when it was tested on 8 individuals. It is now about to enter its next phase of human testing.

India too is developing drugs and vaccines that could hopefully cure Coronavirus. The Central Government is closely monitoring the development of these drugs.

If everything goes well, the world might see a Coronavirus vaccine in early 2021, otherwise, things might get a little more complicated.