Coronavirus: Warning bells ringing in India already

Saturday, March 28th, 2020, 12:30:59 AM IST

A total of 143 Coronavirus positive cases have been reported in India today and this is the highest number of cases which were reported in a single day.

Yesterday, 88 cases were reported across the country and there is a steep rise in the number today.

The total number of Coronavirus positive cases in India is 878 and it might well be crossing the 1000 mark tomorrow or the day after that. The warning balls are ringing already and it is time for the common public to stay more vigilant in these tough times.

Notably, 10 new cases were reported in Telangana today, taking the tally to 59. Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh is showing positive signs as 1 case was reported today. The total tally in the state stands at 12.

Both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana governments are imposing a strict lockdown.