Delhi Riots: Rajinikanth makes Interesting comments

Thursday, February 27th, 2020, 06:58:52 AM IST

A total of 23 people lost their lives in the ongoing riots in the capital, Delhi. The anti-CAA protests have taken a violent turn and that resulted in a tense atmosphere in Delhi.

Incidentally, Tamil superstar Rajinikanth breathed fire on the central government while speaking about Delhi riots.

“The blame for Delhi riots should be taken by the central government. The central home department’s failure is clearly visible here. Why couldn’t they predict the violent protests and take necessary action? This is nothing but central government’s failure,” he said.

Well, Rajinikanth has been moving closely with BJP for a while now. However, he came out all guns blazing while speaking about the saffron party

Rajinikanth’s comments might be a direct indication that he is not interested in joining hands with BJP in Tamil Nadu.