Devineni Uma challenges Kodali Nani to touch him

Tuesday, January 19th, 2021, 03:00:10 AM IST

Speaking with media, YCP firebrand Kodali Nani said he would teach TDP leader Deveneni Uma a lesson in the hard way as the latter has been spreading false rumors on the YCP government.

In response, Devineni Uma have a strong warning to Kodali Nani.

“Kodali Nani said he would teach me a lesson. I will be sitting in front of th NTR statue in Gollapaadu constituency tomorrow. I challenge him to lay his hand on me or even touch me if he can,” Uma said.

Uma said that the chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is using his Boothu minister Kodali Nani to verbally abuse TDP leaders who are raising their voices against the state government.

Well, the verbal exchange between Kodali Nani and Devineni Uma has become a hot topic now and for all the wrong reasons. They are indulging in strong verbal brawls every now and again.