Eatala : Might impose lockdown in parts of GHMC, nothing to worry

Monday, June 29th, 2020, 09:24:29 PM IST

Telangana healthcare minister Eatala Rajendra made some interesting comments while speaking about the possible imposition of lockdown in Hyderabad.

“The number of Coronavirus cases have been increasing and we have been working on bringing things under control. The chief minister KCR had advised us to point out the high-risk areas in Hyderabad and we might imposing a lockdown in parts of GHMC area. But there is nothing to worry, we are trying our best in the fight against Coronavirus,” he said.

Eatala further added that there are only 10 patients on ventilators in Gandhi Hospital, Hyderabad. He confirmed that there is no OP facility in Gandhi Hospital and only confirmed cases will be taken in.

The healthcare minister further added that the state government is procuring another 10,000 beds for the treatment of coronavirus patients.

Eatala said swab samples will be collected in GHMC from tomorrow. He says that more tests will be conducted in South GHMC area.

The chief secretary of Telangana Somesh Kumar stated that the mortality rate in the state is 1.7% and the government is trying to restrict it further.

King Koti hospital will be available for OP Coronavirus suspects all day long. Tests will be performed here and of found positive, patients can recieve medical care at this hospital.