Ex-Janasena leader to join YCP soon?

Sunday, July 12th, 2020, 03:00:42 AM IST

Janasena lost many of its leaders to YCP and BJP in Andhra Pradesh after the 2019 election. However, the situation is slightly better in Janasena now as they have formed an alliance with BJP.

Coming to the topic, Addepalli Sreedhar, who was once a key leader in Janasena might be joining the ruling party YSRC very soon, suggest latest reports.

Addepalli Sreedhar was one of the close aides of Pawan Kalyan and even worked as Janasena official spokesperson during his time in the party. He left the party after the election and did not join any party after that.

Now, Addepalli Sreedhar has turned active on Twitter and is frequently interacting with YSRCP forces. He has been sharing content that is being posted by YSRCP forces and leaders.

Rumors are rife that Addepalli Sreedhar might be joining YSRCP very soon and he is waiting for the right time to switch loyalties.