How will Indian monsoon effect Coronavirus?

Monday, June 1st, 2020, 06:50:06 PM IST

India has now come to the end of its Summer season, with the western monsoon winds entering Kerala. Indian Meteorological Department has officially released a statement about the same as well.

When Coronavirus first started out in India, the country was at the beginning of the summer season, and everyone thought that Coronavirus wouldn’t survive in the hot temperatures that Indian summers record. However, Coronavirus continued to thrive despite burning temperatures.

The situation of Coronavirus cases has become worrisome right now, with thousands and thousands of people testing positive for the virus on a daily basis and the number of cases are expected to only rise in the coming days.

Experts believe that the monsoon season might make it only worse for India, by increasing the number of Coronavirus cases. Coronavirus is expected to peak in the country in the months of June and July, and since we’re into June, we can only hope for the best.