Hyderabad businessman designs reusable PPE kits

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020, 11:28:15 PM IST

India is currently implementing phase 2 of its unlocking process. Due to the nationwide lockdown that lasted for nearly two months, the Indian economy took a huge hit and saw its biggest slump. Ever since then, the government of India has been trying to boost the economy by giving relaxations in the country.

With people slowly getti g back to work, and on to the roads, the wearing of masks and gloves for protection has become absolutely necessary. Every other store is now selling masks, gloves and sanitizers.

Now, a businessman based in Hyderabad is making his own PPE kits that can be reused any number of times. The only catch is that these kits cannot be used for clinical purposes.

These PPE kits are essentially jumpsuits with a hoodie, a clinical face mask and a separate cover for shoes. They are all stitched using pure cotton and are hence, reusable. Anand Kataria started selling these reusable PPE kits from his wholesale store in the city. These suits are available in two different shades of blue and also white.

Kataria does not let two customers go into the store at the same time and makes sure that they sanitise their hands before they step in.

While he’s making news by selling these reusable PPE kits, Kataria has said that he’s not making any profit by selling these kits. He said that making these PPE kits keeps his 40 member staff busy. He also said that many orders are now pouring in for the PPE kits, but his old business may not resume any time soon.

Kataria used to sell uniforms to drivers, technicians, security guards and also took bulk orders from corporate companies. He also used to sell other items like raincoats, sweaters, t-shirts, caps and belts. None of these items are now being bought, as a result of which Kataria is facing huge losses.

Kataria’s PPE kits are priced at Rs.850 each.