Hyderabad hospitals exposed for minting money

Saturday, August 1st, 2020, 04:01:26 PM IST

Hyderabad is one among the major metropolitan cities of India, which are suffering from a continued spike in the number of cases. The lack of proper testing and administration of Coronavirus in the city is causing the virus to spread even more.

Given that the amenities and facilities in Government hospitals are not the most promising, anyone who has contracted Coronavirus is more inclined towards being admitted to a private hospital.

Now, three prominent corporate hospitals in Hyderabad have been found guilty of overcharging and harassing patients. Detailed inquiries were conducted after the government started to receive continuous complaints from several individuals.

The complaints were filed on the new WhatsApp number set up by the government allowing people to air their grievances against the private hospitals

Sources say that the government will not allow these hospitals to treat Coronavirus patients anymore, after these many complaints.