Is this the real reason behind people leaving Hyderabad?

Friday, July 3rd, 2020, 12:55:44 AM IST

Ever since speculations of a new spell of total lockdown in Telangana started, people from Andhra Pradesh started to fly back to their hometowns from Hyderabad.

While wanting to avoid getting stuck in Hyderabad during another lockdown is the most sensible reason, sources are saying that there is a totally different reason why people are leaving Hyderabad.

It is no secret that the government of Telangana has not been handling the situation of Coronavirus well in the state. Hyderabad is the most affected because of it, with more than 90% of the cases in thes state being reported from the city.

The testing in the city is also horrible, with very low or no testing at all. Sources say that people are getting scared that they will contract Coronavirus if they continue to stay in the city, which is why they are leaving for their hometowns.

One thing is for sure, the state of Andhra Pradesh is being comparatively more transparent about the situation of testing in the state, and also about the number of cases.