Jagan vs Judiciary: Pro-TDP media going berserk

Sunday, October 18th, 2020, 11:17:48 AM IST

It is well known that the government of Andhra Pradesh complained about the judiciary system in the state. The government is saying that certain judges in the high court are acting against the interests of the state government.

Interestingly enough, pro-TDP media has been extensively projecting this legal battle as a fight between Jagan and judges in the high court and supreme court.

The latest report from a hardcore pro-TDP media house states that Justice Chalameshwar sided with Jagan to take on Justice NV Ramana.

“Jagan and Justice Chalameshwar do not like Justice Ramana. So they are trying their best to stop Ramana from progressing through the ranks,” read this report.

Pro-TDP media has been going really hard on Jagan ever since the government of Andhra Pradesh initiated legal battle.