Janasena MLA: Will continue my journey with YCP

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020, 11:36:26 PM IST

Janasena’s sole MLA Rapaka Varaprasad Rao made some highly controversial comments while speaking about his current political stand.

“I wish to continue my journey with YSRCP as I feel the party is doing exceptionally well. My ideology is close to that of YSRCP’s. I joined Janasena just because I could not get YCP ticket in the last election,” he said.

Rapaka went on to say that Janasena is not a stable political party and its future is uncertain.

“Pawan Kalyan played no role in my victory. It is only foolish to think I won because of him or because I contested on Janasena ticket. Pawan Kalyan himself lost from two constituencies in the election. How can he help me win in my constituency? If he is a good leader then he would have from at least one constituency,” Rapaka said.

Rapaka Varaprasad seems to have decided to cut ties with Janasena and be a part of YSRCP from now onwards. It would be really interesting to see how Pawan Kalyan will react to this.