Janasena’s Senior Lady Leader jumps to Saffron party

Sunday, August 18th, 2019, 02:40:14 AM IST

Janasena’s Senior Leader and MLA candidate from Pedakurapadu in Guntur district, Lakshmi Samrajyam has quit the party to take the saffron oath in the presence of BJP AP President Kanna Lakshminarayna.

Speaking to the media, she said, “There is severe injustice and inside politics in the party. There is no place for hardworking people in Janasena. Senior leader Anji Babu is causing severe disturbance in the party and Janasena will never with him in the party.”

The Senior Leader shifted to BJP along with 100 of her followers. She claimed that the leaders in the party were plotting against her growth and that is why she took the decision of joining BJP.

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