KCR responds on not inviting PM for Kaleswaram inauguration

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019, 02:30:17 AM IST

Telangana CM is gearing up for the inauguration of the Kaleswaram project but speculation arose in the political circles when he did not invite PM Narendra Modi to the ceremony.

When asked about the reason behind it, he told the media, “Why should I invite the PM for everything? We are not a part of NDA and I know how to maintain a political relationship with the BJP. I am not their supporter. I strived hard to establish a federal front against the BJP and I don’t intend to take the relationship beyond Central and state government.”

The TRS chief also reiterated that he was the first person to condemn PM Modi’s swearing –in in2014 and that they have not released funds for Telangana after bifurcation. ‘The NDA led government has been biased towards AP from the start’, he told media.