Local Polls: TDP forces withdrawing nominations in big numbers

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021, 12:12:25 PM IST

In what could be considered as an interesting and also a strange development in Andhra Pradesh politics, TDP forces are withdrawing from the MPTC and ZPTC elections race in big numbers.

For some odd reason, TDP found it really hard to field to field its candidates in all the MPTC and ZPTC divisions across the state. Now, they are facing an uphill battle of keeping their candidates in contention.

Majority of TDP candidates in Guntur district have already withdrawn their nominations. The situation is very much similiar in other districts as well.

Not being able go field candidates for the elections and finding it unusually tough to keep hold of them is leaving TDP forces extremely worried and understandably so.

The exact reason behind these mass withdrawals is unknown for now. TDP forces are alleging that the state government is pressurising their party leaders to withdraw from the elections.