Lokesh lost the trust of TDP seniors already?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021, 07:03:52 AM IST

Yesterday, a leaked video which surfaced on social media suggested that TDP senior leader Atchannaidu is not content with Nara Lokesh’s method of operation and attitude.

Atchannaidu says Lokesh is not a worthy leaders and adds the latter is one of the reason why TDP is facing such a disastrous situation in Andhra Pradesh.

Well, it appears to be that TDP seniors have already lost their trust in Nara Lokesh and have given up on the party.

Even Atchannaidu is heard saying TDP is a gone case and there are no second thoughts about the same.

Lokesh’s poor election campaigning, lackluster speeches, and the comical image he has amongst the common public is one of the reasons why he is constantly subject to criticism and social media trolls.

There is already a demand to bring in Jr NTR and replace Nara Lokesh. The latter will have to rectify his mistakes quickly or else it won’t be long before he faces an even more humiliating situation.