Nara Lokesh’s new makeover stuns everyone

Sunday, April 25th, 2021, 07:30:13 AM IST

A few months ago, Nara Lokesh surprised everyone with his new look. He shed down a few extra kilos and built a slim physique. TDP forces believed Lokesh would up the ante in Andhra Pradesh politics and his new look is an indication of the same.

Now, Lokesh has gone through another makeover. He is seen with light beard and moustache. This is the first time he has grown beard. His new look is leaving everyone stunned.

Meanwhile, YCP forces are arguing that Lokesh is not a capable politician and all he can do is divert attention by sporting new looks every now and then.

Lokesh’s interesting makeovers in the past few days is catching the attention of many. But he is yet to prove his worth as TDP scion and that is more important than anything and everything.