One of the hottest and worst summers

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020, 03:00:18 PM IST

Even as the entire world is fighting against the pandemic of novel Coronavirus, India is witness to one of the hottest summers ever.

Despite staying indoors because of the lockdown in the country, the sun is managing to scorch everyone with its unbearable heat. Added to that is the heat wave that is washing over the country currently.

Of the world’s top 15 hottest places, India has contributed to 10 places. Temperatures are going up to 50 degrees Celsius in Rajasthan, and the rest of the country is also seeing temperatures more than 40 degrees.

It is better to stay home during this hot summer, even though the government has given a few relaxations to go about.

Hyderabad too is quite heated up, with heat waves dominating the city. The sun is scorching bright even in the early and late hours of a day.

Despite the heat, Coronavirus is continuing to thrive in the country, spreading to more and more people everyday.