Only One Capital For AP For Now

Thursday, January 23rd, 2020, 07:01:32 PM IST

As already known, the bill for 3 capitals for Andhra Pradesh had been introduced in the AP assembly. Things now seem to be very different though.

Legislative council chairman Mohd Ahmed Sharif, a TDP member, used his discretionary powers to put the bill on hold. The 3 capital bill is now on hold for at least three good months. Until then, the capital of AP remains to be Amaravati. Hyderabad remains to be the official capital of Andhra Pradesh for the next four years.

The chairman first seemed to favor the ruling party, but things took a drastic turn when he used his discretionary powers. He referred the two bills, one for repealing AP Capital Region Development Authority Act and the other on decentralization of administration through the formation of 3 capital cities, to the Select Committee.

The Select Committee will be headed by the chairman and will take many factors into consideration while studying and analyzing these bills. One of the most important factors remains to be the opinion of the people of AP. Once the committee is done with its analysis, it will give its final report. This process will take a minimum of three months, and maybe even more.