Oracle opens 2nd Cloud region in India to help firms stay afloat

Monday, June 29th, 2020, 02:00:50 PM IST

Hyderabad, June 29 (IANS) In a bid to help enterprises maintain business continuity and stay on the path of digital transformation in these tough Covid-19 times, Oracle on Monday announced the opening of its second Cloud region in India.

The Hyderabad Cloud region will help Indian customers and partners access all Oracle Cloud services, including Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Autonomous Linux, as well as Oracle Cloud Applications, to unlock innovation and drive business.

“The Covid-19 and ensuing lockdowns have disrupted several businesses in India. The Hyderabad Cloud region will help a large number of Indian organizations realize their digital transformation dreams,” Shailender Kumar, Regional Managing Director, Oracle India, told IANS.

The Oracle’s enterprise-grade Gen 2 Cloud regions are already helping hundreds of customers realize three-five time performance improvements using secure cloud services.

Over 100 enterprise customers in the country moved their workloads onto the Gen 2 Cloud data center in Mumbai with its launch in October last year, which is being run solely by Oracle without any third-party involvement.

“With two Oracle Cloud regions live in India, we’re fully geared to support our 15,000 plus customers in their innovation journey, with adequate support by nearly 1,000 specialized Oracle partners,” informed Kumar.

The two Cloud regions would help enterprises effectively meet the increasing demand for secure and stable enterprise cloud services.

“We congratulate Oracle India on opening its second Cloud region in Hyderabad. This will surely help both public and private enterprises in our state to take advantage of Oracle cloud services,” said Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industries & Commerce (I&C), and Information Technology (IT), Telangana.

Equipped with strengthened capabilities for business continuity and disaster recovery, Oracle will provide enterprise customers in India better performance, pricing, and security based on its second-generation Cloud.

“With Oracle opening dual cloud regions in Australia, Japan, Korea, and now India, we are further renewing our commitment to support growth in the new decade,” added Garrett Ilg, Executive Vice President, Japan, and the Asia Pacific, Oracle.

The Hyderabad opening is part of Oracle’s global plans to operate 36-second generation Cloud regions by the end of this year.

“This Cloud region will help scores of Indian firms adjust to the new normal,” said Kumar.