Pawan Kalyan decides to cut ties with those two parties

Thursday, September 19th, 2019, 02:19:18 PM IST

Janasena formed an alliance with CPI (M) and BSP prior to elections in Andhra Pradesh. However, this did not yield positive results for the party.

Now, Pawan has apparently decided to cut ties with these two parties and go solo in the coming election.

Pawan is planning to go on a state-wide tour very soon and he will try to strengthen Janasena right from grassroot level.

It is being said that Janasena will contest in all 175 constituencies in the coming election. This should give some much-needed boost to Janasena forces.

However, contesting in all the constituencies without any alliance is a task much easier said than done. Pawan will have to come up with a efficient strategy to make sure that his party has a good campaign next time around.

Meanwhile, BJP is still trying to form an alliance with Janasena, but Pawan is said to be adamant about this. He wants to develop Janasena as an independent force in Andhra Pradesh politics.

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