Pawan Kalyan to campaign in 50 GHMC wards?

Friday, November 20th, 2020, 06:57:22 AM IST

The Election Commission has announced that the GHMC elections will be held on 1st October. The ruling party TRS, and the opposition parties BJP, and Congress have started the election campaigning already.

Interestingly enough, even Pawan Kalyan’s JanaSena is set to contest in the election on its own. It is being said that Janasena will release the list of the party candidates very soon.

Sources say the Pawan Kalyan-led party is mainly focusing on 50 targeted wards in GHMC elections. The party high command feels that Janasena has the best chances of winning in these constituencies.

It remains to be seen if Pawan Kalyan will go the extra mile and campaign for Janasena in these 50 constituencies, which are identified as his party’s strongholds.

If JanaSena manages to bag a reasonable amount of seats in the GHMC elections, it will do the party a world of good not just in Telangana but in Andhra Pradesh as well.

Can Janasena really have an impact on GHMC elections? We will know the answer in the next few weeks.